Walker’s 社区伙伴关系 Program allows students to understand the critical role that service organizations play in making a positive impact on our community — and ourselves.

We cultivate community engagement rooted in the belief that serving with others across differences and toward a common goal is the best way to build communities where everyone benefits. Walker’s girls gain worthwhile skills and broaden their perspectives as they provide valuable services. Some initiatives are ongoing, while others change each year in response to student interest.

社区伙伴关系 Include:

  • 科布的伙伴
  • Special Olympics flag football and basketball
  • 统一的艺术
  • CT包容的艺术
  • 奥尔农场
SpiritHorse Therapeutic 骑 Center

Since 2017 our students have been IRS trained to be personal income tax preparers for low-income filers in the greater Hartford area. 到目前为止, our students have secured more than $600,000 in tax refunds and earned income tax credits for families.


Our program is the nation’s first all-girls 视野 program. Walker’s volunteers partner with 视野 students and teachers during Saturday Academies throughout the academic year, which help keep connections with students and families strong.


Each year during spring break, Walker’s students participate in new home construction as part of this international program. Most recently these service trips have been in West Virginia and Texas.


Walker’s students participate in writing and delivering testimony related to specific bills for the Connecticut Women’s Education and Legal Fund, a nonpartisan organization which advocates for women and girls, especially those who are marginalized.


学生志愿者, teachers and program participants come together to put the CT包容的艺术 mission into action: dissolving barriers between youth with disabilities and typically developing students in an integrated performing and visual arts education curriculum.


As sidewalkers and instructors, Walker’s students help children with disabilities experience the joy of horseback riding at the SpiritHorse Therapeutic 骑 Center in Canton, CT.


学生 participate in The 记忆项目, an organization that invites students to create portraits for youth around the world who have faced substantial challenges.

Developing New Partnerships

Upperclasswomen can propose new service project ideas in areas that align with their interests. 一个学生, 一个狂热的舞蹈演员, designed a creative movement class for children ages three through seven with special needs.

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