Virtual Reunion Draws Record Reunion Attendance


Pictured: 50th Reunion attendees 唐娜·威廉姆斯71年 and Akiko Busch ’71. Donna visited for the naming of The Ward and Williams Center for Equity and Justice, and Akiko was the Reunion Chapel guest speaker.

During the weekend of May 20-23 more than 300 alumnae from around the globe gathered virtually for a “reimagined” Reunion 2021 to participate in more than forty activities. “The participation of so many alumnae made for a fascinating series of conversations and connections spanning generations and geography,” said Director of 女校友 Relations Marion Paterson. “Despite the challenges that the pandemic presented, we were able to offer a great variety of ways for alumnae to reconnect and celebrate with each other and the School. 它们以创纪录的数量聚集在一起.”

This year marked the 50th anniversary of Walker’s first Black graduates, Cassandra “Casey” Ward ’71 and 唐娜·威廉姆斯71年. 视频中,“Narrating Our Journey: 50 Years of Black Graduates,” was aired and included narratives from women across the decades as well as current students about their experience as Black students at Walker’s. 学校校长. 米拉Viswanathan also lent her voice to the video with comments about the work being done at the school with regard to diversity, 股本和包容. The day also marked the naming of The Ward and Williams Center for Equity and Justice, a new center on the second floor of Beaver Brook with a mission to serve as a hub for education, 增长, and transformation on issues of injustice with an eye towards solidarity, 行动, 和正义. 

左至右:社会公正主任 & 包合酶联免疫吸附试验, 唐娜·威廉姆斯71年, the late Cassandra “Casey” Ward ’71 (framed), 和校长博士. 米拉Viswanathan
女校友 Board Co-Chair Jamiah Tappin ’00 and Trustee Shelley Marks ’81 were honored with The Margot Treman Rose ’80 Distinguished 女校友 Award

在传统的团聚礼拜堂, author Akiko Busch ’71 spoke about the power of balancing watchfulness with exposure in the time of social media. Fifty-two members of the senior class were inducted into the 女校友 Association. Trustee Shelley Marks ’81 and 女校友 Board Co-Chair Jamiah Tappin ’00 also were honored with The Margot Treman Rose ’80 Distinguished 女校友 Award, which is presented to graduates of the School who best exemplify Margot Rose’s attributes, 确保她的工作, dedication and influence will be remembered now and always. 当授予, 它是为了纪念那些, 通过他们的奉献和才华, 提升他们的专业工作, who influence their community or who give extraordinary service to their School. Current students read the names of alumnae who passed away in the past year.

Other highlights of the weekend include a Meera的边走边聊视频, giving alumnae a full sense of life and learning at Walker’s, as well as a 总体规划的对话 建筑师玛丽安·汤普森(Maryann Thompson conversation between Meera and Director of the 功能的方法 Ned Edwards, and a fascinating conversation among alumnae artists from reunion years ranging from 1951-1991 who work in a range of mediums.

“This year’s virtual reunion was filled with the excitement of welcoming back graduates from across the decades, 彼此团聚的喜悦, 对我们学校的未来充满希望,贾米娅·塔平说, 女校友理事会联合主席. “I was lucky enough to return to campus and meet Black alumnae from across the decades as we opened the Center for 社会正义 and Inclusion to celebrate a milestone of 50 years of Black students at Walkers. The success of this weekend is testament to Walker’s spirit and the legacy created for each of us.”  

A small number of alumnae were permitted to come to campus following our protocols, allowing for some members of the 女校友 Board to induct the graduating seniors into the 女校友 Association, and for some of our Black alumnae interviewed for our video to be present to mark the opening of our Center for Equity and Justice. The presence of even a handful of alumnae on campus has left us more eager than ever to welcome all of you back!

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